March 29, 2010

It's been a while..

Yes, I know it's been a little while since my last post. I have honestly been in re-evaluation mode for the past 2 weeks. I go through this most every Spring. This issue lately has been price vs. business. At present, my prices are at their highest point and I am planning a huge price cut... 30-40% lower then what is currently listed.
So be on the look out!

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March 9, 2010

A Response to My Bags in Hong Kong....

I got some news from The LookBook today on how well my line is doing in Hong Kong. Her response was interesting, tell me what you think...

as per the LookBook: 
In fact, your handbag design is very special in Hong Kong, we don't have such kind of handpainted handbags widely sold. Customers, especially young and trendy ladies, love them so much. One handbag sold so far, some customers like your handbags but they need to think about it. You know, customers sometimes return later.

Some ladies think the bags are too thin, can't put many things in it, but some ladies who are more concern about the design definitely love the unique and trendy style.

I am excited that there is a place for my line! I'm cool with the ones who think it's too thin, I only sent clutches... they are typically thin. I am going to send larger bags in my shipment. More satchel like styles and a few totes. I think that will rule out that they are too thin statement. 
She also asked that I not put the date on the painting as some of the ladies feel like it's yesterday style but on the contrary, I paint whenever I paint then later design a bag. It's not always an immediate design, there are times when I gotta think about. So ladies, if you should purchase a handbag from me and see a date from 2 years or even 1 year ago, please note that that's the date of the painting not the date of the design. Who wouldn't thought that would have been an issue... not me. (I'm still signing them)

It's all good though, I am loving the feedback!!

The LookBook is located in the Peak Galleria in Hong Kong

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March 5, 2010

My camera fell down and went boom.. :(!

Well during a fun wrestling match with my honey my wonderful and reliable camera fell down and went boom. Honestly it was a sad thing because we didn't realize it until it was time to take pics of a new bag (it's my preview of what's to come for this year).
I took a picture with my camera phone but there's no flash and a horrible reflective shine right on the front.

I am so very sad that I do not have a better picture to debut with. We are on our way to getting a new camera but there are so many choices, we are looking for the best one to suit our needs (it has to take clear shots and have lots of features).

My camera phone is not horrible but it leaves alot to be desired. Good bye dear sweet Olympus camera, you took great pictures and was so very easy to use.. you were just dropped one to many times. You will be missed... :(.

The bag is titled "Aqua Tribal Tattoo". Basically this is what a tattoo would look like in my tribe. There will be many more of this type design to come. This particular bag is mine but will be redone... of course each one is hand done so they are all one of a kind. I've got a bad smoked orange tribal tattoo clutch on it's way and a fierce bright yellow big bag on it's off my table. Hopefully I will have the new camera by the time they are done so I can share them with you. This bag will retail in the neighborhood of $120 to $400; depending on size and interior details that are needed. This bag has 8 pockets interior pockets and a large area. I am completely organized yet compact.

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(This bag has not yet been posted to website)