August 28, 2009

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Designers: Looking the Part

Recently I did an Art Show in Encinitas with about 30 other artists/designers. I looked around the room and saw that most everyone was wearing what they designed. Most were jewelry designers and some clothing designers and others were handbag/scarf designers. It was a very interesting mix of different opinions of what art infused with fashion looks like.

As the show went on, you kinda look around not only at the designs but what the designers look like. I polled their chosen outfits for the show and realized that some of them looked like they were in costume were as some looked like they fit the part of their designing world. Now don't get me wrong, I strongly believe that people should wear what makes them feel comfortable. I also believe that people who are designing and promoting and selling their designs should look like they fit what they design.

As a designer/artist, I feel I have a certain responsibility to dress in the very style or should I say voice that I am promoting. As an example, say a skirt designer shouldn't go to an exhibit wearing jean pants... she should be wearing her designs. We are our own self promotion.

At a recent lunch with a very talented jewelry designer, I could not help but look at this wonder of talent and ask myself, "If I saw her on the street, would I think that she designed fabulous jewelry that any Bohemian princess would wrestle in mud to wear?" The answer is "no". She is so unassuming and plain, so much plainer then her beautiful jewelry.... why? Maybe she hides behind her designs or maybe she is so busy designing that she doesn't have the time to worry with style of dress. If either is true, some real change is needed.

Designers, remember that most people are not only looking at your pieces but how you look in your pieces trying to in vision what that would look like in your artwear. I have heard that someone copying your style is a compliment. So if someone wants to look as good as you do or think they would look better in it then isn't that a compliment to your hard work and labor of design?

Think about it.... Do you look the part of your designing voice?