September 3, 2013

What's been happening...

well to say the least, a lot! We had our 1st child January 2013. He is a wonderful handful and bundle of joy. We waited on the Lord and He answered our prayers and then some.... He is our hearts for sure!

Just recently moved and I have to admit, I wish I had of scaled down long ago... it's crazy how much you can collect over 11 years of arting. Also having a space that could fit all of your madness and now trying to fit your madness into a space... even more crazy! The topper is trying to entertain a 7 month  old + while you're in the midst of all of your... junk (for a lack of a better term, I chose what sounded honest).

Praise God though, lately all I have been able to do are to make shrugs! It allows me time to be with my lil man whereas painting and sewing are a little too involving to take my eyes off of him for long periods of time. Not to worry though, I will be getting back into the groove just as soon as he gets a bit more independent... that will be a whole other story (hehehe).

Nonetheless, here are some of latest pieces...

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The joy of my days!

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