February 22, 2010

Finally, it's been shipped!

Well, I finally shipped my items off to debut in Hong Kong. I guess I find it a bit strange to list "The LookBook in Hong Kong" as one of the boutiques that host my line but after all the rejection and strange business practices in the states with small shops, small minded owners and awful PR firms, this is a welcomed change.
I honestly am keeping my head to the sky on this one and by faith, standing on... well faith. There isn't much  I can do really. God is the only one that will establish me and that what I have to keep reminding myself day after day. No one has my best interest in mind like He does. I am a blessed woman.
I sent clutches playing it kinda safe with those.. I figure that they could be easy sells in the shop and can help get people interested in my line without a large financial commitment.
Here are a few pics of what I sent:

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February 19, 2010

Taking a short break...

After a crazy week last week, this week I have been taking it a little easier, re-evaluating my strategies for my upcoming ventures (Hong Kong, Las Vegas, The San Diego Museum of Art...?). I feel a need to take my time and really make every little thing count. Every stitch, every zipper, every buckle to every rivet... it's kinda hard to explain but I have a clearer vision and have my eye on the prize.
I say all of that to say I've been looming. I find it very relaxing and thought provoking. Here's a cute shrug "Knit Sleeve" on a cute model I got a chance to work with last summer. I really loved her confidence. It makes all the difference.
Also, what I have discovered it that I have free range over the work I produce and I don't think I really realized that. I feel so very compelled to do what the season dictates but with paint, you kinda make your own season within the seasin. For instance, I can make a color my fashion statement, a beautiful face or even a particular object, such as a flower or heart or sphere. I guess I am saying, I'm going to do it my way like I did in the beginning... Looking forward to this new year with all of it's possibilities.

Praises to the King!

.....Good night

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February 15, 2010

Back from Palm Springs...

Well as some of you know, I had my 1st show of the year in Palm Springs, CA... The Talmadge Art Show. Unfortunately, sales were not high for not only me but several other people. I spent the day encouraging myself and many others, telling them that this was the 1st show in Palm Springs and it will take some time for us to become as popular as we are in San Diego and Encinitas. 

I did get some really good reviews from many people about my collection and lots of people took my card so who knows what the future could bring... ;).

I'm happy with my new set up as it is not at all as full as I had hoped it looked (the space was a little smaller then I expected) but I did the best with what I had... here's a few pictures:

Surprisingly, these were taken with my camera phone and came out pretty ok. My normal set up will have more walls, no table and several display shelves. I look forward to setting up my ideal "Mobile Boutique", as my husband has coined it. I will post pictures as soon as I can on that.
My new sign got a lot of great responses and one vendor has put in an order for one for her booth....
All in all it was a nice weekend, the weather was unbelievably beautiful with the sun shiny brightly, cool breezes flowing softly and gorgeous snow capped mountain views. I love going out of town even if it's just for the weekend.

Thanks Linda for the awesome birthday/Christmas present... the digital photo picture was the perfect touch!

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One of my bags listed in a treasury on ETSY.COM.. I consider this a great honor!!
See which one was picked!


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February 13, 2010

My 1st Baby Bag...

Now I know that this is not the best picture of this bag but I flew out the house with this bag still dripping wet with varnish and had to take the picture with my cell phone camera. This is the 1st bag that I did side wall panels and it has a total of 8 pockets and a separation compartmental wall. It was no easy feat but I am glad to have had this challenge... it just showed me how much more I could do. I will try to get better pictures that show the dimensions better and the interior.

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February 9, 2010

Kim Burrell and Whitney Houston... friendship!

I posted this because I like how this really meant something to the 2 ladies here and you can see Whitney Houston's mother looking on with joy that her daughter has a true friend. I found this to be very moving and uplifting.

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It's like seeing my name in lights.....

Recently, my very talented husband told me he was making a sign for me to take to shows to build my brand name. I wish I had taken pictures before the paint job so that you could see how cool wood really is. Oh well!

Here is what I've got so far...
This is the beginning of the stencil peeling process after applying the gold leaf. He's on the "W"....

A little QC before the next layer is peeled away... this is just before he decided to add the gold leaf to the division line on the sign. I didn't think I would like the silver logo and the gold lettering but so far so good....

The full reveal begins....

The stencil peel away on this part was a little tricky. We didn't want to lift any gold leaf that was suppose to stay....

Even though the process is still not complete, I had to show the progress of my beautiful sign done by my very sweet husband, Kenneth. To see more of his creations or maybe even get your own sign, check out his site at http://KBDwoodcarving.com 

 I will post the finished product with all the gold leafing done and it being sealed. Excited!

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February 4, 2010

Terrible Shops!

Well, I took a trip up to one of the shops that host my wears to retrieve some of my really cute shrugs, that I affectionately call "Knit Sleeves". I have to admit that I am really disappointed. I was suppose to meet the owner to discuss the new direction we wanted to go and when I got there her assistant says she won't be in until next week and have permission to cut me a check, which was non existent because the lady couldn't find any sales though the owner was sure that there were... whatever.
The main thing is, the owner says that the shrugs were hard to understand and that people weren't getting them but I gave her tags (shown on the left... I think it's clear how to wear them) to display on the shrugs to help show how they can be worn and not only weren't they on any of the garments but the shrugs were piled up on a rack in their little bathroom/store room.... tucked away. When was the last time they saw the light of day?!? Ugh! Don't tell me that something is not working out when it hasn't been given a chance.
One thing I can be sure of is that 'God will add to without sorrow' so if this business relationship was meant to be, I just gotta let it go.
There, I've said my peace on it.
Brighter side: I've got more to show and sell for my show on the 14th in the Desert! It should be a really fun show... I hoping for the best anyways.

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In Search of Models...

I just realized that I have been showing off my bags without showing off how great they look on. So here are some pictures from bags past to give you an idea of what one of my creations look like on...

My goal with any bag I make is to be sure that it fits the body well and has a wonderful flow of translatable artistic point of view that it stands out on it's own.
I am always on the search for models to help me display my art. I do trades for service and in some instances I have paid but the model has to be no nonsense, fearless type with a nothing to lose attitude to qualify for payment.
Hit me up if that describes you or you want to know more!

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February 2, 2010

Newset Bag!

OK! Here is the bag that sat on my table for 3 weeks but only took 2 days to complete.


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February 1, 2010

New Day... Inspired!

Well today was the 1st day of having some real help. I am so excited! Though it was a slow start, it still was a start and that's good enough for me. Martha will help me do the little things that can eat up so much of my time when I have so many BIG things to conquer just to get a bag complete. What a BLESSING!!! Praise the LORD from whom all blessings flow. Yes, I am inspired!
Also, today I finished a bag that took me 1 day to complete but has been sitting on my work bench for 3 weeks... I was having "Designer's Block" and couldn't see my way through. After finishing that bag, I feel like I can conquer my whole list of "THINGS TO DO". Yes, I am inspired! ( I will post it a little later on)
To top all of that off, my very talented and wonderful husband has figured out my website editor, mastered it and has a new website look on its way. Ya BABY! I love the look but more than that I love the functionality of it. Just click on a whatever product photo you want to see up close and it increases without leaving the page. Again, I am inspired! (You know I will post when it's up and ready to go... hehehe)

This has been a really good design day for me and I am happy. (Thank you God for all you do to continue to encourage me and keep me inspired.)


Oh yeah, I got a cute Valentine's Red Button Necklace done last night.... I am still working on the photography part but I had to take a picture and show it off. 
It's listed on my etsy site, click Button Jewelry. This necklace has vintage glass buttons, mother of pearl, abalone, resin and glass beads to add a little flair!

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