February 22, 2010

Finally, it's been shipped!

Well, I finally shipped my items off to debut in Hong Kong. I guess I find it a bit strange to list "The LookBook in Hong Kong" as one of the boutiques that host my line but after all the rejection and strange business practices in the states with small shops, small minded owners and awful PR firms, this is a welcomed change.
I honestly am keeping my head to the sky on this one and by faith, standing on... well faith. There isn't much  I can do really. God is the only one that will establish me and that what I have to keep reminding myself day after day. No one has my best interest in mind like He does. I am a blessed woman.
I sent clutches playing it kinda safe with those.. I figure that they could be easy sells in the shop and can help get people interested in my line without a large financial commitment.
Here are a few pics of what I sent:

See my whole collection at http://www.marionrenee.com


  1. Congratulations on your shipment!I can't get enough of long and large clutch purses myself! Thank you for leaving a comment...when you said that someone at your church told you about my site, I thought..."Wow, someone knows I exist out there?!?"

  2. Oh and that Orange Rasberry and the Red Like Fire handbag! To die for! You are so talented! I'm gonna have to save some cash and invest!

  3. Yay! I love it when connections are made! ;-) Glad you checked out her site Marion! I didn't realize you were international either! Will you be traveling to Hong Kong as well anytime soon? Japan & Singapore may also be a great place to showcase your work... just a suggestion! :-) Love you girl!


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