About Me

...formerly known as Fufulinda's, has been a recognized name in the Independent Designer Accessory industry for the past 10 years.

I started my handbag obsession at a very young age. I remember my first little bag. I got it for Easter with a pair of little white gloves. I cherished it so... I really thought I was cute! Another little girl thought it was cute too and tried to steal it... all I remember is that I fought for my little bag... I showed her the power of determination that day! (though she did get my gloves smh!)
I honestly began my handbag collections because I left the Natural Hair Care field to come home and help my husband who was not going to support my handbag obsession. (He told me this... 3 months into our marriage!) I had so much creativity in me... it had to go somewhere and so I poured it all into my Hand Painted Handbag world. It took several tries and lots of mistakes but I believe that I now have a voice in the industry and a direction in my heart of what I want to do. A hope that my point of view about fashion is heard by those looking for something different.
That is exactly what I have here... something different.

My creations are constantly evolving and changing but I believe that it's change in the right direction. When I look back over my whole body of work, I believe it tells a story of where I've been and in some ways shows where I want to go.

I am not trying to reinvent the bag or offer something that is already been done. The staple black, brown and occasional white bag is not the direction I am heading. My point of view is full of color, dimensions and light. I completely encourage my creations to be that little POP or exclamation point at the end of it's wearer's fashion statement.
That’s my goal, always.