July 30, 2010

...can't you hear the drums playing?

Rustic Tribal Tattoo in Orange. No 2 are alike, one of a kind.

Recently, I met a woman Diva via Blogspot who is a serious Fashionista.  Rocking all the latest/greatest designer labels at bargain basement prices, her style intrigued me to know more about her. Reading & responding to her hilarious blog posting made me feel an instant like for her... so much so that I offered to outfit her in one of Wearable Art pieces. Being the Fashion Genius that she is, she took me up on my offer. This one's for you Ms Reiko! http://Godsfavoriteshoes.blogspot.com

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July 29, 2010

...rolling, rolling... Rolled!

Here a few more additions to the Madera Collection by Marion Renee. These cute little bags have been a real labor of love as they are a collaboration of me, the Painter and my hubby, the Wood Carver (http://KBDwoodcarving.com). It's been 5 long years of rising and falling trying to work with another artist who has his own vision, his own style and not shy about! Man we had some really hard days coming to an agreement on exactly how we want the Madera Collection to look. Though we are not complete on the collaboration, what we have come up with is considered a huge VICTORY!

The Mini Rollie Bag here is a take from the original Madera Rollie's that debuted in 2009... which have been a hit and featured on many blogs. We tweeked the designs length and changed the interior pocket to be removable.

                    These Mini Madera Rollie Bags are fun and interesting and completely unique.  I am so looking forward to showing the new designs we've got coming up! All I can say is... VIC---TOR---REEEEE!!!

Original Madera Rollie

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July 27, 2010

A box... A bag... A Winner!

Well, I finally got my act together enough to take some pics of our latest bag. This bag is a marriage of Hand painted denim and veneered wood secured with screws with a hot chain link strap. This Red Madera Box Bag wears very nicely and has a detachable magnetic zippered pocket so you don't have to take your whole bag with you to lunch or the ladies room.
I have recently learned to love to collaborate with my boyfriend (a.k.a. Hubby). It hasn't been easy at all but when it turns out like this, I have to admit it's totally worth it.
Will  be posting more styles in the next day or so.

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July 20, 2010

...something totally unrelated

Here is a smooth duet from a client, friend and fan of mine... Ms LaTanya Lockett! Check her out at http://www.myspace.com/latanyalockett. I really like this whole layout... it has good emotion to it! Hope you enjoy it too!

Don't Dream it's Over from Cy Kuckenbaker on Vimeo

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July 13, 2010

....a new bag, a new dawn

As you can see.. I have been busy with a little yesterday... faith style. I have always wanted to be a graffiti artist but I didn't the guts to try with my limited skills. The last time I tag anything, I was in grade school and it was in bubble letters... ha! Recently I have been wanting to do something that has more meaning... to me at least. Yes, I am a Believer in the Way, the Truth and the Light... Jesus is my Lord and as passionate as I feel about Him and what He's done for me, I know there are so many others who feel the same way... so I created a line called: Give 'em a Reason!  a handbag line completely devoted to sharing the truth about God and a great conversation starter! Though it's in it's in beginning stages... I really feel as if I am on to something here.
Judge for yourself... I would love to hear what you think too!

New styles to come and I am working and improving on my skills daily. So be on the look out for new ... or should I say FRESH STYLES (lovin' the 80s for real!)

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July 6, 2010

.... it was the 4th after all!

I needed some flair for my red, white and blue ensemble for the 4th of July.....

I am really lovin' this whole belt movement... mainly because I can make it just like I like it... lovin' creativity! Believe it or not but there's 50 hand stenciled stars on this belt... I don't see the point of making a patriotic piece and not put everything into it. I was inspired by a piece I did some 3 years ago... it is called "Scattered Patriotism" (pic on the left). I put 50 hand stenciled stars on it as well. Though is was a flat clutch, it was large enough to hold all that you needed... it sold that summer. The washed paint made the denim look aged and very worn... it was beautiful! In the picture on the right my skirt was blowin' in the wind like a flag... I love it!

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July 1, 2010

Summer Time Sale 30% off all Acrylic KnitSleeves

That's right! We are having a sale on all Hand Loomed Acrylic KnitSleeve Shrugs...  30% off! There are several colors to choose from and sizes from small to x-large.
This is an excellent time to buy more then one. Normally at $65, now only $45...WOW! Handmade, Hand loomed custom made shrug... get yours today!

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