August 20, 2011

I know, I know.... it's been awhile, but...

So much has happened since last year. Where to begin? Well as some of you know, I decided to hang up my paint brushes for awhile and see what it was like to be a regular working Jane... you know a real 9 to 5. Ugh, the money's nice but that is about all! As the days go on I realize that I really missed designing and creating.. it is a wonderful stress reliever.

To the right is a piece I did a year ago or so... it is now my everyday bag! I love this bag!!!
I have been exploring my hand at graffiti. Though I am developing my own style, I am not ready to show my new hand yet, but don't worry I will! (To the right is a piece I did a year ago or so... it is now my everyday bag! I love this bag!!!)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Hot Pink Style of Deerfield Beach Florida. They asked to place a few of my bags in their showroom with the possibility of be showcased in ICON Magazine. Honestly, I was flattered that they wanted my work to use as they stylized reality TV stars, up and coming singers and the trendy alike. This is a really cool oppty!

The bags arrived yesterday and here's the email I received:
Just wanted to let you know we received the bags today. We absolutely love them! They are a great size, a great quality and feel so comfortable on the shoulder. I can’t wait for our clients to see them on Monday, I think they will really do great!!...

I underlined the a few key descriptive phrases:  great size, a great quality and comfortable on the shoulder! These are the very qualities of my line I have been promoting for years. I am just so glad that someone else feels about them the very thing I strive for in making my handbags. This has pleased me so much that I just had to blog about it! These are the attributes I want to be known for and Marion Renee Wearable Art or MRWA to always be remembered for. Strength, Durability, Comfortability, Style.... this what I want you to think of when you hear MRWA.

Thanks for reading!

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