April 20, 2010

So I checked the mail just yesterday...

... and to my surprise, I found my handbag on the front page of the Buyers Guide for the Las Vegas Whole Crafters show.... spring edition. What a surprise! I have had the hardest time lately getting myself motivated to start back to work after taking a short but very much needed break from designing, painting and sewing. Who would have thought vacation could be so damaging to my enthusiasm but has been until now. I am so honored and flattered that they would use my picture of all the pics that could have used as one of the ones for the front page. God always gives me so much favor... I am thankful.
Now to begin again will be difficult as my workroom looks as if it has been abandoned (in a way i has been). Also, I got a message from Fiona of LookBook Hong Kong that she is awaiting a shipment of bags... she doesn't want quantities to get too low as she has already sold 3 of the 8 that were shipped. That's a really good sign... people like them.
Well that's all that's been happening lately. Oh yeah, I am having a Mother's Day Sale on shrugs or "KnitSleeves" 25% off with free shipping (tell somebody!). They make an awesome gift for you or someone else.

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