December 29, 2011

Introducing... My Pillow Bag

Well, I got an idea about a simple bag. That's really all I want to do... simple yet beautiful bags. I want them to be all different but all be from the same collection.

Here's my simple yet beautiful bag debut:

You have got to see this on the shoulder! It is fabulous! I was in a hurry to post (since it's been so long) and just wanted to share. As soon as I get a better dimension pic, I will post it. It measures 14x11.5 and puffs to 4" wide (more then less).
I have been fighting myself not to keep it for my own ( that is an awful problem I have, every bag I make I want to carry... guess that's a good thing really!)

Here's another Pillow Bag... a tiny bit smaller at 12.5 x 10.5:

I got the idea when thinking about how hot music is coming from an acoustic guitar. It's one of my favorite instruments. I love to sing along when one's playing..... fabulous!

Have you noticed my new tag??! Yeah, it took my a good part of the summer to figure out how I wanted it to look and I am so very pleased with this layout. The arrow points to the cross! Displaying my faith on every piece! Jesus is Lord and whole reason for me being able to do this! It's all been because of His grace and favor towards me.
 Gotta tell you... I love the back of this painting! I was actually gonna do a clutch with it but I felt like the design would have gotten lost if I did that... enter pillow bag to the scene.
I think this is going to be something special. I can hardly wait to start painting and designing more of these. Gonna be my fav of the whole season for me!

  Here's an inside shot. It comes with a deep cavity interior and 2 pockets. One zippered and one open face. It's a great way to keep organized my housing your phone in the open face and make up or change in the zippered pocket.
I install a chain on all bags that has the shoulder area covered for extra comfort.
 Comment back on what you see and ask questions. I would love to get your feedback! M~

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Looking forward...

I have been busy sewing lately and am looking forward to doing some serious painting soon. I have been so busy with someone else's vision I actually forgot my own..... until recently. This bag has the Chinese symbol for Long Life in metallic gold ink. I want to really learn more about Chinese Symbols. The shapes and characters have always fascinated me. ( I think secretly that I have always wanted to learn the Chinese language! 1. to order Chinese food like a professional and 2. so I can know how to write the language. I love Chinese symbols and Hebrew characters.)

I received the bulk of the bags back from Hot Pink Style this month. Not really making the sales that I hoped but I am very happy to report that I am not discouraged from this. I know the work is good, it's just not the time for that market but I will keep plucking and picking at it... it will ripen and then I will harvest!

                                                                           Decided to add a little something to a bag I made last year. I really like this direction and am looking forward to producing a lot more of the painted flower clutch bag. I will post more pics as soon as I have more bags completed.

This bag is an upcycle from a bag I made back in 2008. I really love this painting! So much that I had to salvage what I could to remake the bag... smaller but definitely smarter.
I do love my compact bag ladies! It's ergonomically a sound design as I know so many of you like to carry large bags with your entire life in them which reeks havoc on your shoulders, back and neck. It is so much better to carry something smaller in size and only what you need.
I know, I know... we think there are things that we just can't do without but if you are not carrying a diaper bag I think your purse should be a carefree transport of the essentials; something that reflects style, class and flair and something that can make a plain outfit POP!

Be on the look out for more on this topic in the coming posts. I would love to hear from you on this! Chime in with your opinion and what about size matters to you.

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August 20, 2011

I know, I know.... it's been awhile, but...

So much has happened since last year. Where to begin? Well as some of you know, I decided to hang up my paint brushes for awhile and see what it was like to be a regular working Jane... you know a real 9 to 5. Ugh, the money's nice but that is about all! As the days go on I realize that I really missed designing and creating.. it is a wonderful stress reliever.

To the right is a piece I did a year ago or so... it is now my everyday bag! I love this bag!!!
I have been exploring my hand at graffiti. Though I am developing my own style, I am not ready to show my new hand yet, but don't worry I will! (To the right is a piece I did a year ago or so... it is now my everyday bag! I love this bag!!!)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Hot Pink Style of Deerfield Beach Florida. They asked to place a few of my bags in their showroom with the possibility of be showcased in ICON Magazine. Honestly, I was flattered that they wanted my work to use as they stylized reality TV stars, up and coming singers and the trendy alike. This is a really cool oppty!

The bags arrived yesterday and here's the email I received:
Just wanted to let you know we received the bags today. We absolutely love them! They are a great size, a great quality and feel so comfortable on the shoulder. I can’t wait for our clients to see them on Monday, I think they will really do great!!...

I underlined the a few key descriptive phrases:  great size, a great quality and comfortable on the shoulder! These are the very qualities of my line I have been promoting for years. I am just so glad that someone else feels about them the very thing I strive for in making my handbags. This has pleased me so much that I just had to blog about it! These are the attributes I want to be known for and Marion Renee Wearable Art or MRWA to always be remembered for. Strength, Durability, Comfortability, Style.... this what I want you to think of when you hear MRWA.

Thanks for reading!

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February 1, 2011

Afro Claudeen T-Shirt (Long Sleeve)

An old design with a new face! Check out Afro'd out Miss Claudeen! She's fierce!

Spreadshirt Market Place Design

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