December 29, 2011

Introducing... My Pillow Bag

Well, I got an idea about a simple bag. That's really all I want to do... simple yet beautiful bags. I want them to be all different but all be from the same collection.

Here's my simple yet beautiful bag debut:

You have got to see this on the shoulder! It is fabulous! I was in a hurry to post (since it's been so long) and just wanted to share. As soon as I get a better dimension pic, I will post it. It measures 14x11.5 and puffs to 4" wide (more then less).
I have been fighting myself not to keep it for my own ( that is an awful problem I have, every bag I make I want to carry... guess that's a good thing really!)

Here's another Pillow Bag... a tiny bit smaller at 12.5 x 10.5:

I got the idea when thinking about how hot music is coming from an acoustic guitar. It's one of my favorite instruments. I love to sing along when one's playing..... fabulous!

Have you noticed my new tag??! Yeah, it took my a good part of the summer to figure out how I wanted it to look and I am so very pleased with this layout. The arrow points to the cross! Displaying my faith on every piece! Jesus is Lord and whole reason for me being able to do this! It's all been because of His grace and favor towards me.
 Gotta tell you... I love the back of this painting! I was actually gonna do a clutch with it but I felt like the design would have gotten lost if I did that... enter pillow bag to the scene.
I think this is going to be something special. I can hardly wait to start painting and designing more of these. Gonna be my fav of the whole season for me!

  Here's an inside shot. It comes with a deep cavity interior and 2 pockets. One zippered and one open face. It's a great way to keep organized my housing your phone in the open face and make up or change in the zippered pocket.
I install a chain on all bags that has the shoulder area covered for extra comfort.
 Comment back on what you see and ask questions. I would love to get your feedback! M~

See my whole collection at

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