January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2012!!! there's a change coming my way!

I think I spent my New Year's Eve the most different then any other year in the past. I entertained some dear friends of mine up until 10p and before that gave them the oppty to shop my studio for 1 bag each. It was a really good night!
Throughout the day, I had been working on and fretting about a new for me bag design... sometimes having to go outside of your own box can be nerve racking (even when you box is skewed like mine).
This is the bag that brought me so much anxiety... I actually brought the New Year in, re-gluing and stabilizing it... it did give me some trouble. I think mainly because it was so foreign to me.
I learned a lot working with this frame... mostly what not to do. There are some back to the drawing board moments to still have but for the most part... I really like it! It will be a nice addition to my new developing collection and I am looking forward to running with this new idea for MrWA! I like the soft edge it lends to my grunge style.

The Chinese symbol is suppose to represent LOVE but I have a really sweet friend who is fluent in Chinese who gently gave me the actual symbol for LOVE in Chinese... honestly, I no idea what this says... I do like the symbol but God knows I don't want to representing something that doesn't represent Him so know that I will be changing this in the very near future!

This pic is a close up on my new tag! Yeah, that's right... I got a TAG! (HA!) It took me most of the summer to develop it and really have it mean something to me. Let tell you where I am going with it.

  • It does say MrWA or Marion Renee Wearable Art
  • The M is capital and the R is lower case because I go by Marion, not so much Renee
  • The W has a long last leg reaching up and over with an arrow.. it's pointing to the cross! Yeah baby!!! I think of the W not only representing the wearable in my biz name but also work.. for all of my work has to reflect back to Him who has made this all possible.... Jesus1st in my work at all times.
  • I like the A... it has a lot of attitude and is bold... offering a hard and a soft line.
  • The dots to the left of the M (which would be my right..) represents the Trinity; the 2 dots at the end represent the 2 in my family
  • The line below is the ending... like a period at the end of a sentence.
I really don't know if anyone will ever ask about it but I wanted you to know that it does have more then the typical acronym but it symbolic for me. A reminder to task on path and task you can say.

Happy New Year people!

See my whole collection at http://www.marionrenee.com

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