January 29, 2012

Burning the midnight oil...

As some of you know, I have a show on Feb. 5th in San Diego at the old Naval Training Center now known as Liberty Station. It is my 1st show in almost 2 years and I want my come back to be strong. With that being said, I have taken on my biz literally as a second job.
Lavender and Chocolate Sauce
I work my day job from 9am to 3pm. I take a 3 hour break to decompress, cook something and veg in front of the t.v. even if just for an 1/2 hour then hit the paint table around 6ish and work until 12am or 1am. I find that I am pooped but able to press through because I feel like more then ever my passion has a direction and I am clear about where I want this to go.

 Well here are a few bags that I have been working on and I have hope to post more this week but I don't think I will have time to do anymore posting until after the show.

Peace and Love~

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