January 7, 2012

And for the ladies primarily...

I had a pretty busy day... down to the head office 1st thing this morning, back to my office then down to The French Cowgirl and onto Art n Soul on the 101 in Encinitas.
I can't say it has been exciting but it has definitely been busy. One store took a few bags and another wants me to come back to check out a style that she thinks will work in her shop... she wants me to copy it. Uh, really all I want to be is original! So boo to you Miss lady!!!

Anyways, not getting much sleep last night and running all day, you'd think all I would want to do is sit in front of the t.v. with a big bowl of organic popcorn watching Wipeout! but no!!, I wanted to sew... and that's exactly what I did!

Here's what I've been up to this evening:

It's my very 1st ladies wallet! I never paid much attention to making these in the past... I don't like to sew little corners but this was surprisingly easy to do once I got started. The art is some freehand tribal art I did with permanent markers.
I rather like the design overall... it's my kinda style.

Something that happens often to designers is there is always someone who will come along and want to give you their 2 cents about what you should be doing instead of accepting what you've done and working with that. I know people mean well... they are not intentionally pissing on your artistic works. I think that they are sometimes so excited about their own ideas that forget to appreciate others ideas. I know I've been guilty of it a time or two in life. Having it happen to me has made me a lot more sensitive about others work.
Taking something for just what it is, with no judgments and no add ons is hard! Everyone has an opinion and we all think ours matters and it does, just not all the time.

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