January 6, 2012

Wallets anyone???

As you know, I have been very busy doing the thing and just recently decided to try out a wallet design I came across last year. I got stuck doing some boring a** colors trying to appeal to my very small but ever present male audience. It just wasn't me! So I decided to do the same design but change up the paint.... it's suppose to be a bit out the box anyways, so why not?!!

 I am rocking them as Unisex only because sometimes you just want to carry something simple and a little chic... like wearing a big male watch is very vogue... why not carry a painted wallet on t-shirt and jeans day??!

What a statement that would make! Well anyways, these are my ideas. I know what I am showing is more on the masculine side but I have some paintings that would totally smoke as a wallet! Don't worry my dear sweet traditionals... I will making feminine wallets too! I know how hard it can be to break the mold, but you gotta  know that that is what this is all about for me... breaking the wall of tradition down to add a difference to our ordinary and mostly monitored for the same day to day lives. I need difference all the time... it's like singing is for me, if I can't sing or art.. I can't breathe.

    Here's a red painting I did several years ago. I have bee feeling like I have been up-cycling all of my old paintings lately. I think I just want to clear the slate and make a fresh clean start but also show you what I have been holding on to and now letting go of. It's liberating!
I totally recommend it to everyone!
This flower pattern is so very random on a silk screen I did. The pattern lined up perfectly to capture this flower right at the perfect spot. I love it when that happens!


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