July 6, 2010

.... it was the 4th after all!

I needed some flair for my red, white and blue ensemble for the 4th of July.....

I am really lovin' this whole belt movement... mainly because I can make it just like I like it... lovin' creativity! Believe it or not but there's 50 hand stenciled stars on this belt... I don't see the point of making a patriotic piece and not put everything into it. I was inspired by a piece I did some 3 years ago... it is called "Scattered Patriotism" (pic on the left). I put 50 hand stenciled stars on it as well. Though is was a flat clutch, it was large enough to hold all that you needed... it sold that summer. The washed paint made the denim look aged and very worn... it was beautiful! In the picture on the right my skirt was blowin' in the wind like a flag... I love it!

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