July 29, 2010

...rolling, rolling... Rolled!

Here a few more additions to the Madera Collection by Marion Renee. These cute little bags have been a real labor of love as they are a collaboration of me, the Painter and my hubby, the Wood Carver (http://KBDwoodcarving.com). It's been 5 long years of rising and falling trying to work with another artist who has his own vision, his own style and not shy about! Man we had some really hard days coming to an agreement on exactly how we want the Madera Collection to look. Though we are not complete on the collaboration, what we have come up with is considered a huge VICTORY!

The Mini Rollie Bag here is a take from the original Madera Rollie's that debuted in 2009... which have been a hit and featured on many blogs. We tweeked the designs length and changed the interior pocket to be removable.

                    These Mini Madera Rollie Bags are fun and interesting and completely unique.  I am so looking forward to showing the new designs we've got coming up! All I can say is... VIC---TOR---REEEEE!!!

Original Madera Rollie

See my whole collection at http://www.marionrenee.com

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