February 4, 2010

Terrible Shops!

Well, I took a trip up to one of the shops that host my wears to retrieve some of my really cute shrugs, that I affectionately call "Knit Sleeves". I have to admit that I am really disappointed. I was suppose to meet the owner to discuss the new direction we wanted to go and when I got there her assistant says she won't be in until next week and have permission to cut me a check, which was non existent because the lady couldn't find any sales though the owner was sure that there were... whatever.
The main thing is, the owner says that the shrugs were hard to understand and that people weren't getting them but I gave her tags (shown on the left... I think it's clear how to wear them) to display on the shrugs to help show how they can be worn and not only weren't they on any of the garments but the shrugs were piled up on a rack in their little bathroom/store room.... tucked away. When was the last time they saw the light of day?!? Ugh! Don't tell me that something is not working out when it hasn't been given a chance.
One thing I can be sure of is that 'God will add to without sorrow' so if this business relationship was meant to be, I just gotta let it go.
There, I've said my peace on it.
Brighter side: I've got more to show and sell for my show on the 14th in the Desert! It should be a really fun show... I hoping for the best anyways.

See my whole collection at http://www.marionrenee.com

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