February 19, 2010

Taking a short break...

After a crazy week last week, this week I have been taking it a little easier, re-evaluating my strategies for my upcoming ventures (Hong Kong, Las Vegas, The San Diego Museum of Art...?). I feel a need to take my time and really make every little thing count. Every stitch, every zipper, every buckle to every rivet... it's kinda hard to explain but I have a clearer vision and have my eye on the prize.
I say all of that to say I've been looming. I find it very relaxing and thought provoking. Here's a cute shrug "Knit Sleeve" on a cute model I got a chance to work with last summer. I really loved her confidence. It makes all the difference.
Also, what I have discovered it that I have free range over the work I produce and I don't think I really realized that. I feel so very compelled to do what the season dictates but with paint, you kinda make your own season within the seasin. For instance, I can make a color my fashion statement, a beautiful face or even a particular object, such as a flower or heart or sphere. I guess I am saying, I'm going to do it my way like I did in the beginning... Looking forward to this new year with all of it's possibilities.

Praises to the King!

.....Good night

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  1. Focusing while I am living in a whirlwind is one of the hardest things for me to do. It's inspirational to me that you are keeping your vision. I need to do this more.

    This is a great pic, I love the way the colors pop.

  2. Marion, Traci Lopez is my sister... FYI!! We are both part of the SIT's group so we believe in supporting fellow blogger friends! :-) Anyhow, I agree with Traci, the photo does pop... and you did a great job with both color and background choices! You go girl! Keep up the good work!


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