January 26, 2010

What's New with Marion Renee

Well, I got into ACRE Las Vegas show that is happening this June 2010. I am so very excited about this! I will have the oppty to show my Painted Denim Handbag collection to thousands of retailers who are looking for new pieces to place in their stores. I will finally reaching the masses. To add to that, I was picked up by a Hong Kong boutique. WOW!! Nothing beats a failure but a try so I am going for it!
To all of those who have supported me and my dream throughout the years and contributed to my recent fund raiser... THANK YOU!! I have been so blessed by all of you. 

We have new bags on the horizon so I invite you to check out my site often as things will be changing all year long. There is a new site look scheduled for spring. I am so looking forward to that.

May blessings and favor fall upon all of you from God above.



  1. Sounds exciting... I think that is where business will start booming when you get it out in the shops... :-) Congrats on taking another step in growing your business! :-)

  2. :) Congratulations Marion!! Hong Kong has great sense of style and their fashion is always ahead of US so I think that's huge that you got picked up!! I'm so excited for you!!!~*

    And, I LOVE MY GREEN BAG!!~* <3
    Can't wait until I can eventually get another awesome art piece of yours. <3

    Your fan, Mary


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