March 9, 2010

A Response to My Bags in Hong Kong....

I got some news from The LookBook today on how well my line is doing in Hong Kong. Her response was interesting, tell me what you think...

as per the LookBook: 
In fact, your handbag design is very special in Hong Kong, we don't have such kind of handpainted handbags widely sold. Customers, especially young and trendy ladies, love them so much. One handbag sold so far, some customers like your handbags but they need to think about it. You know, customers sometimes return later.

Some ladies think the bags are too thin, can't put many things in it, but some ladies who are more concern about the design definitely love the unique and trendy style.

I am excited that there is a place for my line! I'm cool with the ones who think it's too thin, I only sent clutches... they are typically thin. I am going to send larger bags in my shipment. More satchel like styles and a few totes. I think that will rule out that they are too thin statement. 
She also asked that I not put the date on the painting as some of the ladies feel like it's yesterday style but on the contrary, I paint whenever I paint then later design a bag. It's not always an immediate design, there are times when I gotta think about. So ladies, if you should purchase a handbag from me and see a date from 2 years or even 1 year ago, please note that that's the date of the painting not the date of the design. Who wouldn't thought that would have been an issue... not me. (I'm still signing them)

It's all good though, I am loving the feedback!!

The LookBook is located in the Peak Galleria in Hong Kong

See my whole collection at


  1. Not sure what to think about their response... but I do find it interesting as well and a good thing that they took the time to give you some feedback! I think that the only way to find out if this is a "go" is to keep at it & if the door closes then it wasn't supposed to be... so far so good!

    I find it very interesting that you date your paintings but it totally makes sense... hmmm... maybe you can include a small tag/card attached to each purse that describes the purse and it's unique parts including the date mark... that way when people see it they embrace it as a piece of art not just a cute bag!

    I really feel like if they understand that this is art work that you happen to wear (wearable art) they will understand why your purses are the way they are... :-) Something to think about!

    The front of the card/tag can be your logo...and the backside the description of how each bag is unique from the next... your trademark I guess you can say....!?

    Do you sign next to the date by any chance?

    Anyhow, I hope this helps... :-)

  2. Tori.... Yes I do sign right next to the date.. it seemed simple enough to me but I will look into making a tag just for the bags, I usually just use my business card as it is the actual tag for the bags. I have been thinking as how I can still date the bags but not let it intrude on the perception of it's design date.
    The jury is still out on this one. I also think because of the language difference that the interpretation is a little crude; she comes off way different then I think she means to.
    Thanks for the comment! Love it!!

  3. From Sharon:

    Well, its a bit confusing, but perhaps they would like to see the larger bags where they can put more inside.
    And perhaps you should not date the art on the bags...there is confusion over design. What about pricing? There was no feedback about pricing. Good luck and hope that you can make the show in May

  4. Oh I'm so glad I chose to visit you via The Lady Bloggers Tea Party Social.

    Everything you create is truly beautiful and unique.

    As I begin to earn an income that covers more than just food I hope to put some money away so that I can buy a Marion Renee original.

    I am truly in awe of your talent and hope that the folk in Hong Kong love your larger bags as well.

    To your success!


  5. Hi, I'm from the Tea Party Social over at Ladybloggers.

    Marion, this satchel is really eye-catching. I'm actually desperately in need of a purse/bag/wallet anything to keep all of my things organized.

    Congrats on the good review!

    I particularly loved this one because my favorite color is red. Does your wallet have lots of pockets? I need plenty of those. ha!

    -Ed Wilson

  6. Hi Ed!

    Thanks for the comment!! My wallets generally have 1 coin zippered pocket, 1 paper money pocket and checkbook sleeve. I can add another pocket on the cover to make it 3 total but for a wallet, that's all I can do. A bag is another thing altogether! I can put as many pockets as will fit!
    So glad you like my work, check back often as I will be introducing my spring line any minute and I am so very happy with it!

  7. Thanks Amanda for your comment, I am glad you found me on Lady Bloggers too! I love it! I meeting new people all the time.

    Blessings and favor to you sis!


  8. Yay for The Lady Bloggers Tea Party Social! Great way to meet new people and make new blogger friends! Marion, I'm really liking your new blog format! Very cool! Let me know when you get that other blog rolling... love to read that too! P.S. I have a huge smile on my face right now! So happy that you are meeting new people! :-D

  9. I am so glad that you are getting feedback from your line! How exciting!

    By the way, I well definitely take you up on your offer:) I will send the info as soon as I can charge my phone and respond to your email:)

  10. <3 It's so cool that they wrote you such a detail feedback!
    I really believe that Asian has different take on hangbags. What I noticed is the culture loves bags that comes in a particular style from the same designer with unique variation from one season to the next. There can always be a story behind each design or an inspiration or even just for seasonal change~* What's interesting is that once a particular unique style/ pattern) for a season changed then it's a whole new line for next. People like to collect handbag that's unique for each season. It becomes a collectable item and sometime the price would start to go up even after the season is over because the designer stop making them. :) <3

    I love your bags and get so many compliments everytime I wear it. Mine was one of those slim and petite one but I love it. It's just the right size for me to put my wallet, a lipstick, my phone, and keys! That's all I need for going to a party. ;)

  11. Thanks for the comment Mar Mar.... I'm currently working on a new line for Spring/Summer 2010. I am looking forward to it's full debut this month!


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