May 30, 2010

The last few days....

Well, it's the last few days before the big 3 day ACRE Wholesale show in Las Vegas. I have to admit, I am a little anxious. I have never done such a large show for as long as 3 days... I just hope they like me (hehe). I am also concerned with my set up as it is my first with all the walls and shelves and don't let me mention the lighting! I think I'm freaking out about the lighting. Just like you can have great stuff online but if no one sees it you'll get no where, same is said for having a great product but if the lighting is bad and no one can see it... it's for nothing. I am in a crossroad about whether to get clip on lamps vs. track lighting but I have finally made my final decision (I think...) to just get the track lighting and use it as flood lighting and the use several small spot lights attached to the shelving as spot lights... that's it! The booth colors are grey... I usually love the color grey but in this case, it would be better have have a solid black... it would help my work really stand out. So now I am in a mad thought process of making sure that I bring the right accent colors to help with the overall appearance. (I wish I had a majic wand at this time and poof! It's all done... reality check!! not!)
Besides all of that, my faithful helper has decided to not be so faithful... too bad because I could really use some help. I still have about 10 more bags to make but I know I will get it all done.
Ready to see what I have been working on so far....? Here they are!

Yes I have gotten into belts and don't have that much time to really make enough to take with me this weekend so it will have to wait for wholesale life and be introduced next year at the show but this year on the website.
I guess that's all I have to say about this. I am in prayer daily about this grand trip and hope that those who follow my blog would lift me and my 3 companions up in prayer for traveling mercies and protection.

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