August 6, 2010

So she got the bag!

Now I have given things to people and really received a lot of joy from their happiness of the gift but I don't think anyone has been as enthusiastic as Ms Reiko of This what I got in my email box...

I got it! I got it! I got it! I got my purse! I loveth it with all thine heart and all thine soul!

I honestly laughed out loud! She just has such a way with words... I do really enjoy her blog posts. You gotta read it when you get a chance... it's cute!
Thanks for the support Ms Reiko and may God's blessings and favor pour into your life in such a way your cup runneth over and you share all His love!
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  1. Thank you so much! And I'm openly accept all of those well wishes and blessings...I need every one of them girl!

    I really adore the purse! It is absolutely my style!

  2. Oh I am really liking your blog! I am a big fashion fanatic (hence my blog) and you have some really amazing looking pieces. I particularily like the structure of the rolling bags. I will definitely be reading your blog posts!

    Visiting from the Lady Blogger's Tea Party and now a new follower.

    Shelli from :)

  3. Thanks Shelli! I hope to be posting something new this week!


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