September 1, 2010

Doing something new...

Recently I hit a bit of a design slump. It's been said that it does happen from time to time to everyone but you really don't believe it until it happens to you (I seem to never have a stop to the flow of ideas though). I have been through a few bouts of block before but this one was a bit different because sales have been so slow this year that it actually began to effect my self esteem. I started to have some enormous doubts about my design career but when the fog finally cleared, I realized that there is nothing and I mean nothing I'd rather be doing than being a Designer.
To answer the call of the need of lower priced pieces, I have designed a very fashion friendly bag with just half the art! Check it out at my ETSY store.
This is a Tribal Tattoo hand stenciled artful bag that when worn it looks like a tat running down your side. It has so much stank on it.. I love it and  I would love love love some commentary on this new design so please speak up!
There will be several more colors... approx. 12 with some coming with an adjustable strap so that you can slouch over your body or just wear it on your shoulder. It's the style that I like the most and hope you will too. 

See my whole collection at


  1. LOL... it has so much "stank"! LOL!!

    I like it actually...I probably would rock it as a sling bag if it had a longer strap.

    You are too talented to stop. I wish I knew how to design, draw, sketach, dream...hell even a braid one cornrow. Because if I did, I would have a store with my name in lights that said "REIKO CAN BRAID!"

    Keep hustling girl, it makes the world go round! I still love my bag even though I haven't been anywhere to rock it the way it should be rocked lately


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